Speaking Scriptural Truth to the Culture through Art and Story

The background graphic is from an original painting “Ram in the Thicket”

by Sarah Buell Dowling

The mission of Creators for Christ is to create works of literature and art that open hearts and minds to the truth, beauty, and love of God as revealed in Scripture and Creation. 

The ministry’s primary activities are writing books and articles and creating paintings and illustrations that glorify God and promote a biblical worldview.

The Need is Critical

The strength of the Christian Church in America is vitally important to the proclamation of the gospel around the world. Unfortunately, the trends are not encouraging. In his “American Worldview Inventory 2020,” researcher George Barna reports that in the past twenty-five years the number of Americans with a Christian worldview has declined from 12 percent to only 6 percent. In the 18-to-29 age bracket, the current figure is a mere 2 percent!

False spiritual narratives increasingly permeate our culture.* It is safe to say that today most adults and young adults in the United States would agree with many of the following statements:

    • Many different paths can lead to God.
    • Truth is found within each person, so it is different for everyone.
    • Happiness is the goal of life.
    • High self-esteem is key to success and happiness.
    • Organized religions do more harm than good.
    • Intolerance should not be tolerated.
    • Sin is an unhealthy, outdated concept.
    • Gender is a decision.
    • Jesus was an enlightened spiritual leader who came to show how to live.

In 2 Corinthians 10:5, the apostle Paul challenges believers to “destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and to take every thought captive to obey Christ.” In response to Paul’s challenge, Creators for Christ encourages and equips Christian parents, grandparents, and educators to fulfill their God-given role of teaching a Christian worldview to the next generation.

The Power of Art and Story

Art and story can be powerful communicators of biblical truth. Chuck Colson, the founder of Prison Fellowship and the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, expressed it this way:

Stories shape our thoughts, move our emotions, and enlarge our imaginations. The images we plant in our minds have an enormous influence over the kind of people we become. They both express and shape our beliefs and values.

Think of the effective use Jesus made of images and stories. He could have simply said, “Take care of people who are hurt and victimized.” Instead, He spun the tale of the Good Samaritan. He could have just said, “God forgives your sins, so forgive others.” Instead, He told the parable of the unmerciful servant. Why? Because a story gets at aspects of truth that are beyond the power of didactic teaching.

For the Christian, the arts are an important way to understand God and
His creation. In a post-Christian culture, those who blend artistic gifts with Christian faith can help lead us back to a biblical worldview.
That is why the Church should encourage them.

An Invitation

Michael and Sarah Dowling invite all who resonate with the mission of Creators for Christ to join them on the journey. For more information, contact Michael HERE.

Creators for Christ is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization qualified to accept tax-deductible contributions from individuals and foundations. EIN 85-0523421