The Ministry

 The activities of Creators for Christ include creating art, writing and illustrating books, writing articles, and giving talks that glorify Jesus Christ and
promote a biblical worldview.

One of the primary goals of the ministry is to help Christian parents, grandparents, and educators
fulfill their God-given role of teaching
a Christian worldview to the next generation. 

In support of this effort, the ministry has created and is distributing Frog’s Rainy-Day Story and Other Fables, which WORLD Magazine has designated one of the six most outstanding Christian picture books of the 21st century. This award-winning “apologetics book disguised as a children’s book” engagingly contrasts the “Wisdom of the World” with the “Wisdom of the Word.” Two “Burrowing Deeper” study guides, downloadable from the book’s website, provide thought-provoking discussion questions
for use in church and Christian school classes,
homeschool studies,and family devotions.

Frog’s Rainy-Day Story and Other Fables is available worldwide through bookstores and online retailers. The ministry also exhibits it at conferences attended by Christian families, homeschooling parents, Christian educators, church leaders, and the general public. Additional accolades for the book can be seen at

Sarah recently completed illustrating a children’s book that tells the story of the birth of Christ as seen through the eyes of the stable. Titled
The Lowly Stable, it is scheduled for
publication in 2022.

Michael has written a 32-page children’s book that teaches moral values, which Sarah plans to illustrate. He is now looking for a literary agent to represent the book. The husband and wife team have other book ideas in the planning stage.

Sarah currently is working on several paintings that glorify God and His creation.
She is offering some on her website,
In the future, she also plans to approach one or more galleries.

Michael speaks about Christian worldview issues at conferences, schools, churches, and other venues, frequently with the assistance of Sarah. Information about the Creators for Christ speaking ministry is available at

Read articles written by Michael on the topic of Christian worldview.